5 Tips to Raise a Reader

5 Tips to Raise a Reader

Have you ever wondered why reading is regarded as the best source of knowledge? Did you know that if you read one book to your child daily, they will have read 1825 books by the time they turn five?

We all are aware of the importance of reading. Studies have proved that it

  • Hones Critical thinking abilities
  • Adds to the vocabulary
  • Sharpens focus
  • Inculcates knowledge and values
  • Enhances brain activity

In the words of Mr Joseph Addison, “Reading is to mind, what exercise is to the body.” Studies show that over 74% of people believe that reading is an essential life skill because it stimulates curiosity, polishes creativity, and enhances problem-solving and thinking abilities.

Being a voracious reader helps your child acquire countless skills as they become curious and creative learners. Read on the 5 tips to raise a reader!

Read Aloud

Did you know that even if you read to your child for 5 minutes a day, they’d hear 282,000 words a year? Reading aloud exposes children to new vocabulary, opening the door to a world of fun and imagination! It helps them fall in love with books through amazing adventures with dragons, superheroes, and more! Additionally, it sharpens communication skills and makes them better listeners.

Make it Fun

Choose age-appropriate books with colourful pictures and exciting stories that captivate your child’s attention and make reading fun. Add a variety of books to enrich their reading experience and broaden their horizons.

Lead by Example

Let children see you reading, as this will encourage them to follow suit. Children often imbibe what they see. Most of the time, they want to copy what you are doing. Thus, read in front of your little ones, be engrossed in what you’re reading and let them understand for themselves that “Mumma and papa love to read too!”

Create a Cosy Reading Environment

Create a comfortable and inviting reading area for your child by setting up a cosy nook with comfortable seating, good lighting, and a selection of books. Keep a basket of your child’s favourite books in easy access, and maybe add in a cool reading lamp to make reading an enjoyable experience. This way, your child can look forward to reading and develop a lifelong love of books.

Allow Them to Choose

Giving children the freedom to choose the book empowers them to explore new worlds and ideas, igniting curiosity and love for reading. Designate days, ask your child to select a book of their choice for 4 days of a week and have “mommy choice” days for the rest of the week. This way, they will look forward to reading more.

Wrapping Up!

The popular saying by Margaret Fuller – “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”, is truthful in all senses. It helps children to grow, learn, and evolve continually. That’s it on how to raise a reader. Follow the tips mentioned above and help your child fall in love with learning!