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About Explore-O-Pedia

Explore-O-Pedia books are unique activity books for kids, aimed at inculcating a love for learning, by making concepts simple, fun and engaging. With Explore-O-Pedia, we seek to enrich your child’s mind with a vast set of fascinating facts and information, in an easy to assimilate manner, while simultaneously strengthening their literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills.

The cutting-edge learning approach is designed to spark curiosity in children, leading them to engage in insightful conversations. Such conversations have been shown to help children gain confidence, form opinions, and improve their understanding.

Explore-O-Pedia is a next generation learning tool, designed by academic experts to enable children to embrace the 21st century, with confidence and zeal.

The activity books can be bought as a full set or individually.

Explore-O-Pedia: The Gateway to Curious Minds - Little Hands Big Hearts

Dive into a world of knowledge with our "Explore-O-Pedia" collection, specially crafted for inquisitive minds. At Little Hands Big Hearts, we believe that curiosity is the key to lifelong learning, and our "Explore-O-Pedia" is designed to unlock the doors of exploration.

Why Choose Our Explore-O-Pedia Collection for Learners?

  • International Relevance: Our "Explore-O-Pedia" is tailored to align with international educational standards, making it a valuable resource for students.
  • Comprehensive Learning: With a wide range of topics and subjects, your child can delve into science, history, geography, and more, all within one collection.
  • Interactive Learning: We understand that hands-on exploration is essential. Our "Explore-O-Pedia" offers interactive elements, fun activities, and engaging content to foster a love for learning.
  • Vivid Visuals: We know the importance of visual learning. That's why our "Explore-O-Pedia" is rich in captivating illustrations, maps, and infographics.

Empower Young Minds

At Little Hands Big Hearts, we're dedicated to empowering young minds across the globe. The "Explore-O-Pedia" collection embodies our commitment to nurturing the natural curiosity of children.

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Begin the journey of exploration with our "Explore-O-Pedia" collection and explore our other relevant collections. Little Hands Big Hearts is here to inspire a lifelong love for learning in every child.