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Evolution of Life & Earth: Planet Earth Yesterday & Today Series

Evolution of Life & Earth: Planet Earth Yesterday & Today Series

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Ages: 7-11 years

Travel through the layers of time with the one-of-a-kind children's encyclopedia rolled into an activity book. Discover the evolution of life on Earth and its 8.7 million species through real-life images and engaging schema-building activities.

With each page, children explore a new topic and learn new facts while simultaneously sharpening their literacy, numeracy, logical thinking, creativity, and imagination skills. From mind-benders and real-life images through QR codes and word problems to grammar concepts and reading comprehension exercises, Explore-O-Pedia books have it all!

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The ultimate learning companion: uncover facts, discover wonders, and build on academic skills!


70+ Pages

QR codes with real-life images

Illustrations to colour

Family Quiz Sheet

Pause to Reflect Sheets

Age Group: 7-11 years

Builds On


Academic Skills


Critical Thinking

Perfect for

At-Home Learning

Family Discussions Conversations

On-the-go Learning

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