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Love & Passion

Love & Passion

Little Hands Big Hearts is a project of love and passion, envisioned by two mothers who started off by wanting nothing more than the very best for their children, an aspiration at the core of every parent’s natural desire. 

Even though they were accomplished professionals and educators, they struggled to instil a love for learning in their children, and noticed a stark absence of unique learning tools for ‘at home learning’. Parents were left with no option but to supplement ‘at-home learning’ by using resources developed for ‘in-class learning’. As a result, at home learning often became repetitive, uninspiring and burdensome for the children. 

An attempt to engineer a solution for this problem was the little seed from where Little Hands Big Hearts sprouted. Little Hands Big Hearts is the culmination of an assiduous journey to create and curate a set of innovative educational resources, designed to make at-home learning interactive, engaging and fun for the children.

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