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Anchor Charts: Literacy Pack-Beginners

Anchor Charts: Literacy Pack-Beginners

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Ages: 5 & above

Anchor Charts are educational charts that help children understand and retain complex academic concepts, processes and procedures in a simple and fun way. Our “Literacy Pack - Beginners’ is a visual learning powerhouse, covering topics such as punctuation, grammar, the writing process, sentence rules, self-correction checklist and more. 

The pack contains 8 educational charts for the wall and 8 flashcards for handy use during study time. Each flashcard has conceptual exercises on the back for practising the academic concepts.

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Simplifying Complex Concepts for Easy Comprehension


8 Educational Charts

8 Flashcards

Age Group: 5 & Above

Builds On

Language Fluency

Visual Learning

Writing Skills

Communication skills

Perfect for

Boosting Grammar Skills

Building Writing Confidence

Independent Learning

Fun Ways to Anchor Charts

Name of the Game What to Do and How to Play?
Grammar Galore Explore English grammar concepts through interactive games and activities using the anchor charts. Engage in grammar quizzes, sentence building challenges, and grammar rule discussions.
Interactive Sticky Notes Write questions on sticky notes and have children place them next to relevant information on anchor charts.
Writing Wizards Use the anchor charts as a guide to unleash your creativity in writing. Create imaginative stories, practise different writing styles, and brainstorm ideas using the visual prompts.

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