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Boring Vs Smart Words

Boring Vs Smart Words

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Ages: 6+ years

A powerful tool to expand your child's vocabulary, enhance their writing, improve spelling, strengthen comprehension, and foster overall language fluency. 

With 210 smart words, these vocabulary flashcards give more impactful and descriptive alternatives to 30 words commonly used by children. The words are split into 4 categories: Feelings, Action Words, Describing Words, and Colours for easy usage with each card having 1 “Boring Word” and 7 “Smart Words”.

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Say goodbye to boring words and hello to a world of smart words!


32 cards

210 smart words

4 categories

Ages: 6-99 years

Builds On





Perfect for

Vocabulary Building

Language Enrichment


Communication Skills

Fun Ways to Use Boring Vs Smart Words Cards

Name of the Game What to Do and How to Play?
Smart Sentences Layout 2-3 cards on the table and have your child use 1 word from each card and make a sentence or 2.
Speed Showdown Engage in a fast-paced game to test word recall.
Vocabulary Battle Use the BVS cards and compete in a friendly word-defining, word-usage, or word-spelling competition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sarmishtha Chatterjee

Good but some synonyms are not properly matched.

Mitul Vora Vora

These flash cards are very handy for children to develop vocabulary, they instantly have some synonyms which helps them in their language development.

Samridhi Mantri

Boring Vs Smart Words

Samta shah

Really amazing cards hope there is a second version with more words soon

Falguni Sakaria
Very nice

I love these cards,they’re extremely helpful for kids…I would request you to come up with some more difficult words as it helps children for vocabulary building and helps them write smarter.