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Get Imaginative Pack 6+, 8+, 10+

Get Imaginative Pack 6+, 8+, 10+

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Ages: 6+, 8+ and 10+

Make your imagination come to life with colours, doodles and words!

Unleash creativity and imagination with our Get Imaginative Pack – designed for young learners. The pack includes  the My Imagi-Nation Book, Creative Writing Pack -  Anchor Charts, and Fun & Frolic Cards for creative, hands-on learning for ages 6 and above.

My Imagi-Nation

'My Imagi-Nation' helps enhance creativity and imagination in children while building on fine motor skills. Packed with super-fun activities, dive into a world bursting with colours and let your imagination run wild! Draw, paint, and create stunning masterpieces. Say goodbye to boring and hello to mind-boggling! 

Fun & Frolic Cards

From Playdates to Game Nights: The Ultimate Bonding Tool!

Hilarious, wacky, and fun conversation cards with over 150 prompts and 4 categories, these flashcards encourage creative expression, thinking ability, and communication skills.

Anchor Charts: Creative Writing Pack

Anchor Charts are educational charts that help children understand and retain complex academic concepts, processes and procedures in a simple and fun way. Our “Creative Writing Pack’ is a visual learning powerhouse, covering topics such as descriptive writing, opinion writing, the writing process and more.

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