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The Super Reader Pack 8+, 10+

The Super Reader Pack 8+, 10+

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Ages: 8+ and 10+

Empower young readers aged 8 and above to be super writers and thinkers with The Super Reader Pack. The Super Reader Pack enhances reading, writing, and vocabulary skills with the Read Think Write Journal, Reading Reflection Cards, and Boring VS Smart Words.

Boring Vs Smart Words

A powerful tool to expand your child's vocabulary, enhance their writing, improve spelling, strengthen comprehension, and foster overall language fluency. 

Reading Reflection Cards

A perfect tool to elevate the reading experience. With these cards, children explore themes, characters, and messages within the story through carefully crafted questions and prompts to reflect on before, during, and after reading a book.

Read Think Write

An interactive book to deepen children's connection with the books they read. 

The creative prompts and activities help children analyse characters, identify themes, and make insightful connections. With space for up to 20 books, children can create a personal library of thoughts, reflections, favourite quotes, book reviews, and much more.

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