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Super Math: Multiplication

Super Math: Multiplication

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Ages: 8+ years

Unlock your child's mathematical potential with "Super Math" - the ultimate learning adventure for young mathematicians! Say goodbye to boring math exercises and hello to addition and subtraction coupled with pixel play!

Solve math sums, decode riddles, uncover pixel images, create equations and become a math superhero. With every sum solved, a new clue unfolds, immersing your child in an exciting and challenging experience. Dive into the world of numbers, pixels, and colours with our exciting Super Math Book, designed to take away the monotony of math!
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Be a Math Superstar with the Super Math Book!


600 + sums

30 pixel pictures to colour

30 riddles to decode

6 pages of equations to create

Ages 6 & above

Builds On

Mathematical skills

Fine motor skills

Cognitive skills

Critical thinking

Pattern recognition

Perfect for

Daily math practice

Home learning

Independent learning

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